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Hey there!

I’m Janeen, and I’m so glad you exist. 

I work with ambitious authors and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to own their unique words, increase their visibility, connect with their ideal audience, and achieve their goals without burnout.  

Why does this matter to me?

Because I am an ambitious author and creative entrepreneur (among many other things) who has burned out more times than I can count. 

(Scroll to the bottom of this page for an official bio with all the awesome statistics and clever phrases that look great in a conference program.) 

"Driven From Birth"

Or so my mom says. 😉 I was born with a restless, creative mind, an eye for patterns, a passion for problem-solving, an insane curiosity about the world around me–and a terrible inability to figure out when enough was enough

Add to that undiagnosed ADD, sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder (on the “Aspergers” end), and welp, it was a recipe for The Burnout Cycle. I’d pull myself together, learn all the social skills and tools necessary to succeed, throw myself into tasks with reckless abandon–and then crash. Hard. Over and over.

By the time I’d graduated college (summa cum laude in Cross-Cultural Studies, FYI), this pattern was the norm for me. Every successful semester was followed by 3-4 days of mental and physical breakdown. Every giant leap meant I’d hit the ground harder afterwards. 

And the thing is, I managed to sort-of function this way. 
At least for a while….

The "Successful" Burnout Cycle (Not)

Onward to eight years as a classroom teacher: two years with adult ESL at a business school, three years in elementary Classical education, and three years as a high school English teacher. 

And yes, my husband and I made teacher income (aka, not very much). 

There were always at least 2-3 side jobs and hustles, including bookstore salesperson, direct sales, summer camp teaching (and directing), and my biggest dream of being a published author.

Oh yeah, and I launched a publishing company. 😉 

I dug in my heels. I took sporadic breaks. I had episodes of deep depression, anxiety, recklessness, and all the side effects of mostly ignoring my chronic physical and mental health issues. 

Finally, I resigned from teaching to become a full-time publishing house leader (business #1) and launched my own author services business (business #2). Plus I was still writing books (we’ll call this business #2 1/2 because I didn’t have much time to spare).

Theoretically, I’d be able to set my own schedule and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Ha. Ha ha. Haaa.


The Big Crash (and the Renewal)

It was about three years into my multi-business career that I found myself in the ER for suicidal ideation. I’d been faithfully following the Burnout Cycle all throughout my self-employment. Now, I’d hit rock bottom. Again.

And finally, it was sinking in. I was *gasp* finite (surprise, I’m not God), and I’d worn myself down to nothing at the ripe old age of thirty-two.

With the loving guidance of my husband, family, and friends, I enrolled into therapy, counseling, functional medical care, and a solid vocational program to drastically rethink the way I approached work, life, and my faith.

And during this time, I was on a work restriction, because for some crazy reason, everyone thought I’d been chasing achievement to find fulfillment (yes, they were right 😉 ). 

Which gave me a challenge: how to get more work done in less time without burning out or falling back into toxic thought patterns or habits.

This has become my driving passion for myself, my clients, and the world. 

There's A Better Way to Work

Look, there will always be difficulties. Suffering. Hardship.

I have chronic conditions, so I live this. 😉 

But there are ways to do things better, faster, and easier so that you can still write, market, and serve according to your passion and calling.

Times of weakness don’t invalidate you.

And I'm here to give you customized strategies, proven systems, and insightful encouragement to help you succeed without burnout.

Let's break the cycle and grow your work together.
Your unique words are worth it.

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What People Are Saying

"You actively listen and understand. You meet people where they are and discover personal experiences that have shaped the business/writing they are doing. You’re not just going to offer some quick fixes, but dig deeper to help clients better understand themselves and their motivations in moving forward with marketing their work."
"Janeen’s editorial feedback was useful at every level. I came away from her input feeling better prepared to revise the story in every aspect. Professional, keen, and kind, Janeen offers an editorial service that will empower any writer to take a manuscript from good to great. I recommend her enthusiastically and without any reservations."


With your friendly host, Janeen!

False! We met in college at the campus foam swordfighting club. I’d been swordfighting for a while, so I started out better than him, but he learned quickly–by losing bout after bout and improving each time. Humility, it’s the secret to growth. 🙂 

True and false! I’m a huge foodie–and I’m gluten-free and dairy-free. However, this just makes me more determined to be creative in the kitchen. And I thank God that gluten-free Schar bread exists!

So I’ll eat whatever you put in front of me…as long as it won’t send me racing for emergency medicine. 

Fun things I’ve eaten include dried tarantula, a raw quail egg, and fish eyeballs.

True! I’m highly synesthetic (about 8 different types and counting). I also have ADHD, and I’m on the autistic spectrum (including many sensory issues). I used to hide this info until I was convicted about reinforcing stereotypes and limiting beliefs by my silence. 

True! I’m a total info-junkie. I’ll happily read books on history, languages, scientific discovery, cultural anthropology, various geek fandoms, etc. And nothing says ‘info geek’ quite like reading the world building of Harry Potter and not reading the actual books. Did I mention my TBR pile is huge? 😉

Official Bio

(aka, I do a lot of things–you have been warned 😉 ) 

Janeen Ippolito believes in business without burnout. She’s the multi-published author of 16+ books, including bestselling fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. She’s also an experienced editor and marketing strategist, plus the head of Uncommon Universes Press, a publishing company with award-winning books. Oh, and she hosts Own Your Unique Words, a book business and marketing podcast, and speaks regularly at conferences. In her spare time, she helps her epic husband with his youth swordfighting ministry, indulges her foodie ambitions, reads whatever she wants, and explores a slew of random hobbies. Her life goals include traveling to Antarctica and riding a camel while wearing a party hat. She loves to collaborate and encourage, so connect with her on social media or at janeenippolito.com