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Unique Words Need Unique Solutions!

And I’m here to help you get those unique stories outlined with clarity, edited with excellence, and marketed with confidence. With a bonus of creative breakthroughs for any stage in the process. 

When you bring me on your team, I dive into your unique story and author goals with a winning combination of thoroughness, enthusiasm, and wisdom from a seasoned publishing professional. Consider me your story’s sharpest critic and biggest fan, with ever-present encouragement for your writing and publishing journey. You’ll know exactly what works (so you can keep doing it), what doesn’t (so you can avoid doing it), and how to best use all of your unique words to reach your desired audience. 

WARNING – deep thinking, new ideas, and author growth are all hazards of working with me. Things might get intense, and there is often homework—but there’s always plenty of enthusiasm and practical advice to get you to the finish line victoriously.


I’m an experienced developmental, line, and copy editor with a passion for excellent writing that respects and enhances unique vision and creativity while connecting with reader expectations so you can reach your audience and get your books read! I become an expert on you, your style, your goals, and your readership. You’ll come away empowered with clarity, fresh ideas, and confidence with where your story best fits in the market.

.03/word for a deep developmental edit (Two passes + a post-edit half hour consult + five pages of additional notes + on-call email questions. A developmental edit with me is the equivalent to a full-on educational course on how you best write and market.)

.02/word for a full line edit (two passes + a post-edit half hour consult + on-call email questions)

Copy editing pass only when bundled with another service.

Contact me for a free five-page sample edit. I offer payment plans to work with your budget. I also offer special rates for bundled services and returning client rates. 

Upgrade your edit with a book-to-market boost that includes a book blurb, tagline, logline, book graphics, and quote graphics. Get quality, insightful marketing work from a pro who knows your story inside and out!

H.L. Burke, Award-Winning Author

“As an editor Janeen provides an essential but rare combination of understanding of genre expectations while recognizing and fostering unique ideas. I recommend her services to anyone looking to strengthen the themes of a book, tighten the plot, or fill in the gaps.”

Sarah Delena White, Award-Winning Author

“Janeen’s editorial insights on character development and plot structure took my novel to a whole new level. She is a creative, patient guide who pushes authors to their fullest potential while celebrating their unique stories and voices.”

Manuscript + Marketing Critique

Get insightful, expert feedback that encourages, challenges, and always supports you with solutions for how to polish your story for publishing excellence. Perfect for authors who are confident in their storytelling and want professional feedback before proofreading, or authors who are just starting the revision process and want a solid map for self-edits before diving in solo! 

  • A structural review of your manuscript with large scale comments using Microsoft Office comments
  • 4-5 pages of specialized feedback and notes on content, voice, style, and marketability (including ideal audience and comparison titles)
  • Half hour post-edit brainstorming consult over video chat or phone
Investment: .01/word

Hourly Editing

Book blurbs, short stories, articles, and book summaries – $45/hr

Book Blurb Creation

Starts at $95. I read your book, research keywords, comparison titles, genre conventions, and then give you three blurb drafts, and three revisions. 

Amy Brock McNew, Author

“I would definitely recommend you to fellow PNR and UF authors! Romance authors as well. And of course, sci-fi. Honestly, I don’t think I’d have a problem recommending you to authors of any genre. You are one of the few well-rounded editors I’ve encountered. While you have a specialty, spec fic, you are well versed in tropes and structure of other genres. That’s a rare quality! ”

Hannah Keeler, Author

“Janeen Ippolito has been an amazing help to me as a writer. She engages with my world, offering encouragement and continually challenging me to grow in developing my own voice in writing my stories. It’s a joy to work with someone who enjoys both the process and the product of writing!"


Problem Solver Special

They think you’re crazy. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve gotten the push-back, the raised eyebrows, the “are you serious? This can’t work.” Story of my life. But I make it work every time. And I’m here to help you get those unique books unstuck, planned well, and in the hands of your desired readers. No conundrum is too difficult!

Includes custom worksheets and a follow-up email with additional thoughts and resources. Coaching sessions are conducted over video or teleconference.

$65 half hour/$115 hour

Clients have used problem-solver specials for many topics, including:

  • Plot, character, or scene issue
  • Author or author services business coaching
  • Structuring a story outline that combines author vision, market expectations, and solid planning
  • Website/author brand tagline creation
  • Planning a writing success strategy for achieving your writing goals
  • Social media evaluation
  • Any other area where you need to be “unstuck” or want the security of planning so you don’t get stuck.

Your Unique Book-to-Market Package

Tap into your unique book’s strengths, own your vision, reach readership and achieve your goals. This signature package equips you to take on the marketplace with confidence!

  • I read your book and pull out marketable themes, key story moments, and memorable quotes for immediate use
  • Author brand research so you’re confident in what makes your voice and your stories unique
  • Identification of your ideal reader and development of outreach strategies for natural connection
  • Evaluation of your book packaging, including book blurb, tagline, and cover design 
  • Social media evaluation and training in best practices
  • Website evaluation and feedback
  • 4 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Customized worksheets with my exclusive methods
  • A personalized-to-you reference guide for future books and marketing outreach
  • On-call email Q&A

$959 (or 4 payments of $250)

C.S. Johnson, Author

“Janeen Ippolito’s book marketing coaching helped me settle into an advantageous marketing position. This branding, message, and media package helped me with website and social media connections. I recommend her to new authors starting out and authors who need to get organized into their niche.”

Laura A. Grace, Unicorn Quester

“Janeen actively listens to and understands her clients. She meets them where they are, pinpoints their motivations, and discovers personal experiences that have shaped the business/writing they are doing. Then she helps them use that knowledge in marketing.”

Bethany Jennings, Host of #WIPJoy

“Janeen’s coaching is deeply personal, insightful, and encouraging. Every time I am overwhelmed or stuck, she helps me find the way out. She’s a lifesaving force for both my writing and my career.”

RJ Metcalf, Author

“Janeen Ippolito is the awesomest writing coach ever. She knows my work style. She knows how I panic and overthink things. She knows how to motivate me and calm me. I am so infinitely grateful for having her on my team!”

Sarah Witenhafer, Author

“Janeen has her finger on the pulse of marketing, and she helped me narrow down my market and develop an effective plan. I'm so happy to have a focus!"

Anne Jones, Author

“After I floundered around in a swamp of vague character traits for a week, Janeen pinpointed the central issue with both my character and my thought process behind the story. She knows the questions to ask that make ordinary characters extraordinary and extraordinary events believable."

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