Irresistible World Building For Unforgettable Stories

Irresistible World Building For Unforgettable Stories

$9.99eBook: $2.99Audiobook: $6.95

You have the world building--now use it to write stories that create lifelong fans and fandoms!

Irresistible World Building for Unforgettable Stories contains key methods and tips on how to weave your world building into every aspect of your story, from theme to plot to character arcs.

For a quick reference primer on building your story world's cultures, check out World Building From the Inside Out textbook and workbook.

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Met By Midnight

Met By Midnight

$9.99eBook: $3.99

An outcast prince. A captive healer. A single night that changes their destinies.

She lives a nightmare.

Renna is desperate to save her father, even if it means taking an illegal mission into the royal palace on the night of their greatest ball.

He’s haunted by dreams.

Prince Jaric’s existence is a curse to his family’s perfect façade. Marrying him off at the ball and sending him to a distant dukedom is the royal solution—but Jaric has his own plans.

Met by midnight, their fates are entwined.

This YA romance retells Cinderella in an original fantasy world with a dystopian twist.

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Whispers In The Pews: Voices on Mental Illness in the Christian Church

Whispers In The Pews: Voices on Mental Illness in the Christian Church

$9.99eBook: $3.99Audiobook: $14.95

Mental illness is real. Will the Church get real?

This book is a collection of essays from various authors: men and women, pastors and congregants, counselors and nurses, parents and children. All have a unique view of how mental health conditions affect people, and how the church has responded to these circumstances.

This is not fundamentally a teaching book, but a book of moments and lives, knitted together by the common theme of mental health.

*Janeen Ippolito wrote an essay for this book.

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