My Alien Boyfriend: A Short Story

He’s hot. He’s an alien. He didn’t tell her. He’s in big trouble…

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About the Book

He’s hot. He’s an alien. He didn’t tell her.
He’s in big trouble…

Anthony Salamandras is the perfect boyfriend: attractive, wealthy, caring, and fine with hanging out in the library while Kelley Vanders-Froggett studies for her senior year of college. Sure, she’s never seen his family or visited his home, but details like that can be sorted out after graduation.

Then he pops the question –and sweeps Kelley off to another planet. Now she’s dealing with alien future in-laws, creepy lizards, and a fiery transformation. Not to mention a fiancé who has no clue that this is not how Earth girls celebrate engagement.

Kelley’s in over her head. But one thing’s for sure: Anthony’s gonna find out just what this daughter of a vacuum cleaner repairman is made of.

A short romantic satire with a sweet core and a fiery happily-ever-after.

Genres: Fiction, Humorous Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Janeen Ippolito LLC
Publication Year: 2018
List Price: 6.99
eBook Price: 1.99
Audiobook Price: 6.99
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