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Your books are meant to be celebrated, relished by readers, and impact the world! 

…oh yes, and increased sales, reader connection, and more time to create on your terms would be great, amiright? 

With over a decade of experience, an obsession with marketing strategy, and a deep respect for your unique words, I’m here to take your book business to the next level.

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Self-Editing for Marketing Success, Book-to-Market business course, and more!
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What People Are Saying

"Janeen is an absolute professional, who met me right where Iā€™m at in my writing career. She genuinely wanted to see me become a better writer, and I believe her work has helped me do that."
"You are a miracle worker! Before your world building workbook, my author client wasn't willing to do structure work. Now he's enthusiastic about story-building. Your workbook is going to make a world of difference for his second book."
Veronica Lynn