Celebrating the Release of My Alien Engagement!

I call this my “longest shortest book.”

And that’s because every silly line and funny quip came out of grief and hardship. Out of losses of the last few months and longer, losing people and hopes and dreams and health

 I really, really needed to laugh and find joy in the shadows, even if I could only crank out a few paragraphs or a few lines.  I was like “okay, it’s time for some defiant joy here. It’s time to fight for the grace and love I have even in the midst of sorrow.” And little elements of that potent resistance are in the story itself as well. Because in Christ and His victory, there is always hope beyond all human understanding–and that’s what I cling to, what gets me up in the morning. And yes, what inspires all that snark with heart.

So I’m incredibly thankful for this little short book, and SO excited to share it with you! 
What’s a book or song that helps you keep up defiant joy?

Now breathe deep, go forth, and be awesome. 

My Alien Engagement (The Accidental Alien Romance Chronicles #2) is available for only 99 cents.  And the first chronicle, My Alien Boyfriend, is FREE today and tomorrow! 

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About the Book

 Kelley Vanders-Froggett’s life is finally in order again: she’s on break from a great job, she has a supportive family, and she has Anthony Salamandras, her hot alien fiancé who’s making it all too hard to wait for the altar. Yeah, she’s still figuring out his culture, but everything is finally falling into place for their life together on Earth.

Then Anthony’s brother shows up declaring Kelley unworthy to marry into his family—unless she passes ancient trials. Never mind that these trials haven’t been used in generations. Either Kelley proves herself worthy, or she’ll be separated from Anthony forever.

Three trials, no warnings, and everything on the line. But Kelley’s already survived one fiery test, and she’s not going home without her man, no matter what it takes.

My Alien Engagement is the second novelette in The Accidental Alien Romance Chronicles, a series of short romantic satires featuring a sassy heroine, a hot alpha with a side of derp, a sweet core, and a fiery happily-ever-after. 

About the Author

Janeen Ippolito believes in Jesus, true love, and the power of your unique words. She’s a bestselling author of speculative fiction, writing resources, and poetry. She’s also an editor, author coach, marketing strategist, and the president of Uncommon Universes Press. When she’s not immersed in the geektastic world of words, she’s helping her husband with his youth swordfighting ministry, exploring a slew of random hobbies, and posting up cute animal videos on social media. This extroverted writer loves to connect, so find her on Facebook, Instagram, and her website janeenippolito.com

Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram (@janeen_ippolito), her reader group, her email newsletter, and her website. 

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