Weird Writing Prompts – Book Tour!

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Woohoo! I’m super-psyched to announce the book launch tour for Weird Writing Prompts: Random Questions to Supercharge Your Story

And a lot of amazing readers and authors have signed up to celebrate their stories and share cool things about my latest writing resource. 

Book Tour Schedule
June 25th – Brittany Gnizak – Facebook and Instagram – Character Questions & Book Spotlight

June 28th – Amy Lynn McConahy – Facebook page – Questions

June 29th – Catherine Bonham – Blog Book Spotlight/Review/Questions

July 1st – Tiffany Grant – Facebook page – Questions/Book Spotlight

July 3rd – Christina Morley – Book Review – Book Review 

July 4th – Emerald Barnes – Facebook page and Instagram – Book Review and Book Inspiration

July 6th – Laura VanArendonk Baugh – guest spot on Twitch show “To Write and to Have Written”

July 7th – Amy C. Williams – Facebook page and blog post – Book spotlight and review

July 8th – H.L. Burke – Character Questions on blog

July 12th – Laurin Boyle – Blog – Book Review

July 13th – Release Day Shout-Out

July 15th – Laura A. Grace – BlogFacebookInstagram – Book Spotlight/Author Interview

Grab your copy of Weird Writing Prompts today!

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Now breathe deep, go forth, and be awesome. 

What’s one weird (and awesome) thing about your story? Share in a comment!

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