Revise It! The Miniseries: Seven Steps to Unpacking Your First Draft tackles seven key areas in content revisions to get your first draft into great condition! There are some fundamental sweeps that every fiction manuscript needs to express your vision, please your readers, and get your manuscript cleaned up and ready for editors.

Revise It! The Mini-Series includes the following:

  • Get multiple flavors of readers (alphas, betas, etc) and learn how to process their input effectively.
  • Clean up your characterization and create three-dimensional characters who are irresistible to readers.
  • Sort out your plot with quick and easy organizer checks that clarify your original, beautiful vision.
  • Figure out how to identify and ditch boring parts (always keeping your genre and target audience in mind).
  • Learn to manage pacing, not just to speed up your story, but also to hold the pause button on significant moments of high emotion and drama.

The Posts (click the titles):
-Evaluating Your Story Revision Goals

-Seven Checks to Make Sure Your Plot Works

-Clean Up Characterization for your Protagonist and Antagonist

-The Golden Principle of Supporting Characters

-Recruiting and Using Reader Feedback

-Banish the Boring Parts of Your Story Using Genre Conventions

-Story Pacing Essentials – Move and Process

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