Cover Reveal: If Wishes Were Curses

A long time ago…okay, maybe four years ago, I had an idea for an urban fantasy. The one thing I knew it had to be was set in Pittsburgh or a city very much like Pittsburgh, because Pittsburgh is awesome. The combination of the mountains and the position of the city in between three rivers and the steel mills amidst the patches of greenery always haunted me when I lived there and visited there.

Plus, a lot of my relatives come from the Pittsburgh area. The city is one of those focal points in my life. So when I worked on these stories, I wanted to really invest that feel into Pittsburgh. My line editor for this book even lived in the city for several years!

Now, after many drafts and much other work, the first book of that urban fantasy is seeing the light of day! A snarky story with a blue collar genie, some heat (nothing graphic), and gleeful send ups of many tropes, all wrapped up with an otter-shifter in the bargain. Because I love me some quirky shifters.

So I accidentally killed a shifter. On purpose.

With genie powers I shouldn’t be able to use, thanks to my curse-mark.

In my defense, the damn grizzly was threatening civilians and might have been a vampire as well. Pittsburgh is safer without him. Only the Fae court doesn’t believe my story, and the shifters are out for blood.

Now I’ve lost my job as a romantic investigator, and I’m on death row. My only hope is an oddly outgoing vegetarian vampire lawyer who seems strangely familiar. Too familiar.

Almost like we’ve met before, and this whole thing was a set-up to take us both down.

Wishing won’t get us out of this mess.
But my forbidden wish magic just might. 


Available for preorder now!

What’s your favorite city?

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