Yes, You CAN Achieve It All

Confident creativity. Stress-free sales. Your unique success.

Oh, and you don’t have to die in the process. 

Hey, I’m Janeen Ippolito, your No-Stress Writing & Marketing Strategist! I help creative entrepreneurs own their unique words, connect and sell to their ideal audience, and develop effective systems to handle their marketing so they have time to continue creating. 

After all, what’s the point of achieving your success if you’re too worn out to enjoy it? Too exhausted to make more of those awesome books, visual art, and other wonderful creations destined to impact the world?

It’s time to kill the myth that achieving your creative success and finding space to breathe are incompatible goals

Truth: I have a degree in Cross-Cultural Studies, Writing, and Teaching English as a Second Language. I self-designed the major and completed an ambitious honors thesis, plus snagged a 3.9 average. 
Truth: I taught students of all ages, from third grade to adult ESL, for eight years, with a passion for developing their unique words, creativity, and capabilities .
Truth: I did this while managing an authorpreneur side hustle and other entrepreneur endeavors, including creating, launching, and directing a summer camp program. 
Truth: I doubled the revenue and attendance of the theater program where I taught high school English.
Truth: I launched Uncommon Universes Press and self-published my first nonfiction bestselling writing resources during that time.  
I have ADD and a sensory processing disorder that mean my mind and body will physically put on the brakes, no matter what I try to achieve. I would get sick after finals week from pushing myself too hard. I’ve ended up in the ER for exhaustion. 
Finally, after many interventions, I realized this pattern was a quick route to an early grave–if not for my life, then for my creativity.

So I developed ways for authors and other creative entrepreneurs to achieve their unique goals and visions while living life on their terms. 

It’s time to claim your creative success. 

It’s time to own your unique words, your unique goals, your unique experiences, and use time-honored, tested marketing principles to reach your audience. All the while, honoring your creative spark and energy so you can keep running your race to the finish line. Every. Single. Time. 

Connect with me and let’s take your creativity to market together!