Ep. 10 - Variety Episode | Writing, Marketing, and Mountain Dew with Parker J. Cole

Special guest & veteran author Parker J. Cole comes on the show to share all the awesome (plus her thoughts on Michael B. Jordan). Learn her solution to author burnout, the one marketing tip every serious author needs, and how to hack the romance market (first tip: actually read romance). Plus, why sometimes the best thing you can do is flip a trope.

Ep. 9 - Writing | How to Write Characters Readers Love (or Love to Hate)

Unforgettable characters keep readers turning pages, sell books, and create loyal tribes. Learn where to start, what to avoid, and what to do with breakout characters (hint: don’t ignore them!). Plus, the Top Five essentials for character sketches, plus a free cheat sheet!

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Ep. 8 - Marketing | Tips and Tricks for Content Repurposing - Part 2

You’re ready to show up and repurpose your book marketing content–but how do you come up with that content? This episode is cram-jammed full of ideas, tips, and tricks for authentic author and book-related content to connect naturally with your ideal readers. Plus, what bathtubs have to do with marketing your books.

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Ep. 7 - Marketing | Tips and Tricks for Content Repurposing - Part 1

Content repurposing is a great way to market your book consistently without burnout…but how do you do it? And won’t people get tired of seeing the same thing? (Short answer: nope!). This episode explains how content repurposing actually works, how it saves you time, and a few tricks to do it faster. Plus, why a little organization goes a long way.

Ep. 6 - Marketing | Make Your Book Promoting Easier with Content Marketing

Special guest author and marketing strategist Margaret McGriff shares how content marketing can help you sell books with your natural storytelling gifts. Learn tips for choosing your content and why more isn’t necessarily better. Plus, why one of your most important readers is: yourself!

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Ep. 5 - Writing | Short Work, Standalone, or Series? How to Choose the Best Option

Special guest author H.L. Burke joins this discussion on how to use story lengths strategically for your fiction business. Includes when shorter is better, how the novella can supercharge sales, and why novels can work best as audiobooks. Plus, how to make your book shorter (or longer) to suit your unique purposes.

Ep. 4 - Writing | What to Do When Writing is Hard (But You Gotta)

You have your schedule, you start writing…and then the dreaded Writer’s Block hits. Here are tried and true tips for helping you to stick to that schedule without burning out. Includes when you should just procrastinate, and why “writing therapy” can make your job harder. 

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Ep. 3 - Marketing | When You Need to Split Social Media Accounts (An Instagram Case Study)

Enjoy the Instagram exploits of yours truly as I embark on the great Instagram Account Split of 2021. Learn why I did it, why you should (or shouldn’t) use multiple social media accounts, and get a quick taste of audience segmentation strategies. Plus, why I couldn’t stand Instagram (at first).

Ep. 2 - Marketing | The Most Crucial Places for You to Show Up Online

Trying to be everywhere at once online? Don’t. Please. Instead, listen to this episode about where you should show up for your author brand–and which places to kick to the curb. Includes why social media doesn’t matter as much, and why email newsletters do.

Ep. 1 - Marketing | When is the Best Time to Release Your Book?

Make your next book release easier and more enjoyable by picking the best date! Includes dates to absolutely avoid, key factors to consider, and why teaming up with other authors can work wonderfully. Plus, when you shouldn’t make a fuss over book releases. 

Intro | A Warning, an Encouragement, and an Embarrassing Moment

Think bookish success and creative burnout must go together? Think again. Hey there! I’m Janeen, and I’m here to make your author career easier, more effective, and more fun.