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You Need an Expert in Your Corner

You’ve got fantastic books, a passion for growth, and a mind that’s helped you conquer mountains as you’ve built your ambitious publishing vision.

…you’re also tired. And you’ve got loads of things demanding your time. Yikes!

Whether it be work responsibilities, family commitments, health issues, or just a crazy desire to sleep now and then, you can’t tackle this alone (or you could, but the last thing you need is to burn out–again).

You need a fearless book strategist you can trust to understand your unique words and vision, give you specialized guidance, and keep their expert eyes on the market to make sure your books connect with your ideal readers (you know, those readers who love giving you five-star reviews) and get you consistent sales.

I got you covered, epic author.

With over a decade of experience, an obsession with marketing strategy, and a deep respect for your unique words, I’m here to take your story to the next level. 

WARNING – deep thinking, polishing, and growth are all hazards of working with me. Things might get intense, and there’s always homework—but there’s also good humor, encouragement, and practical advice to get you to your finish line victoriously (without burning out).

Deep breath. Release. 

We’ve got this!

TL;DR? 😉 Hire me to get:

Expert Guidance

I've worked with literally hundreds of authors as a teacher, coach, editor, and marketer. I'm professionally trained in diverse communication styles and goal-achievement practices. I have 10+ years experience in the publishing industry. I'm a bestselling author of fiction and nonfiction. Oh yeah, and I run a publishing house with award-winning books.

Marketing Focus

I want people to buy your books. I also want you to stay energized and refreshed. Therefore, every service with me includes a marketing angle and strategy, plus bite-sized implementation steps that flow with your life season and protect your creative time--and even help you find more time! You don't have to choose between creating and marketing. With my help, you can do both!

Positive Feedback

I celebrate what makes you and your work awesome. In addition to honest, informative critique, my feedback always includes ways to amplify your genius. Will there be hard work? Absolutely! But there will also be strategies customized to your unique skill set and encouragement + practical steps to refuel your creative juices.

What People Are Saying

"The book you edited was offered a contract. I strongly believe your edits really did the trick. They brought the book to life and really let it shine."
"Janeen has her finger on the pulse of marketing. She helped me narrow down my market and develop an effective plan. I'm so happy to have a focus!"

Breakthrough Coaching

All coaching sessions include pre-session materials review and custom questionnaire, a 60 minute coaching session, and a personalized Unique Game Plan with concrete, bite-sized action steps.

Outline Evaluation

We’ll set your story up for success with my customized outlining system (including marketability), troubleshoot any potential problem areas, and celebrate your epic plans!

Story Problem-Solving

Got a plot problem? A creative issue? A character being fussy? We’ll get your story flowing in a way that honors your vision and accounts for genre preferences. 

Marketing Quick-Check

Whether it be a social media evaluation, a brief blurb check, or book launching questions, you’ll gain clarity and purpose for your goals.

Investment – $149

Ready for a long-term investment in your amazing skills? Ask about my Author Fast-Track mentoring packages!

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Marketable Book Blurbs

You wrote the amazing story–now let’s sell it with the perfect, reader-attracting description!

Quick Edit

I send you my secret sauce questionnaire,, review your materials, and revise your existing blurb for maximum potential. 

Investment – $49

Full Creation + Extras

Consider this your marketing copy in-a-box!
I review all your material including book highlights and write three blurbs with two revision passes. I also create two loglines, ten marketable quotes, and copy for two AMS ads.

Investment – $297

Ask about blurb combo packages for a series. 

Want more info? Scroll down to the bottom of this page and drop a question in the contact form.

Blurb quick edits must use contact form below.

What People Are Saying

"I am so excited and inspired by the work you did! This makes me feel like I actually have a chance of selling copies of this book."
"I keep working with you because you help me see the things I'd miss otherwise. You save me time in my work, and your insight and expertise give me confidence in moving forward!"
Sidonie Bouvier
Aspiring Author

Reader Attraction Review Package

A quick review for specific content, genre checks, or sensitive topics.  

Note: I check for authenticity and marketability. This means I check your story content and compare it with genre/market expectations. As always, you have the final say.

I review for the following areas:
-autism, ADHD, and general neurodiversity
-mental illness, disorders, and chronic illness
-usage of trauma, PTSD, and various types of abuse
-cross-cultural situations and conflict
-usage of multiple faiths/beliefs among characters
-romance, heat levels, and intimacy
-gender role portrayals

A Manuscript Read-through

I read your entire manuscript to check for the areas/issues you specify. 

1-Page Analysis

You receive a one-page analysis of your story’s strengths and weaknesses regarding the areas/issues you specify, plus ideas for improvement.  

Marketable Quotes and Strategy Session

I pull ten marketable quotes from your manuscript, identify reader-attracting themes, and then we have a fantastic half-hour coaching session. After you receive a Unique Game Plan for your marketing success.

Investment: .005/word, $250 minimum

Or apply through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Payment plans available.

Marketable Manuscript Critique

A top-notch structural evaluation of your manuscript.

Big-Picture Manuscript Critique

I read through your manuscript and leave big-picture comments (1-3 per page) highlighting areas that need work and areas that shine (plus, I note fun, marketable quotes).  

5+ Page Organized Evaluation

In addition to the reviewed manuscript, you receive a 5+ page critique that tackles plot, characterization, setting, theme, and marketability (plus, any additional notes). 

Post Edit Video Coaching

Once you’ve had a chance to review all the awesome feedback, we have a half-hour video coaching session where you ask any questions and we brainstorm solutions. Finally, you receive a Unique Game Plan detailing your next steps for success!

Investment: .015/word, $300 minimum

Or apply through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Payment plans available.

Book to Market Launch Package

A final, premium polish and marketing package to ensure your book has the best chance of marketing success!

A Final Proofread

A full proofread according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Includes grammar, punctuation, spelling errors, and typos.

Marketable Quotes

I pull ten marketable quotes from your manuscript and identify reader-attracting themes. Then I create a customized template and style guide for easy quote creation. Includes half-hour coaching session.

Book Blurb + Loglines + Ad Copy

Then I create a market-ready book blurb for your story plus two loglines and AMS ad copy. 

Online Presence Survey

Next, I evaluate your online presence for clarity, ease of use, and effectiveness in connecting with your ideal reader for sales and tribe-building. Includes half hour coaching session.

Book Launch Strategy

To top it off, we create a customized strategy for your successful launch–and beyond! Includes half hour coaching session.

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What People Are Saying

"Janeen did a great job of immersing herself into the story world and honing the writing. I trust her. If you're looking to take your writing to the next level, consider contacting her."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of your comments, finding them all to be honest, thorough, insightful, and seasoned with grace and encouragement. Working with you helped me secure my first two publishing contracts."

Want to mix and match a custom service? Need a specific type of edit? Let's connect and work something out!