Bringing hope, humor, and practical information to your conference! I have eight years of classroom teaching experience, and I regularly work one-on-one with clients. One of my specialties is taking complicated information and simplifying it for immediate use. My “there is no one size fits all” angle empowers authors to continue learning about their unique journey, process, and gain discernment in their overall writing life. I’ve spoken at various conferences, including Writing Success XVI, Hallowread 2017, and Realm Makers 2018. Add me to your conference schedule or school visit calendar for speaking and teaching that’s relevant, accessible, and encouraging, with plenty of actionable takeaways!

Speaking / Teaching Options Include:

  • World-Building From the Inside Out – The Workshop
  • Pre-Drafting Strategies – Getting Plot on the Page Without Losing Your Mind
  • Fundamentals of Fiction: Inside Out – The Workshop
  • How to Write Effective Romantic Subplots
  • Characters and Contrasts – Using Opposites to Amp Up Your Fiction
  • Horror Integration into other Fiction Genres
  • Using Humor in Fiction – Even If You Don’t Think You’re Funny
  • 7 Steps to Solid Fiction Revisions – The Workshop
  • How to Recruit and Use Reader Feedback
  • Writing In the Margins – Setting Goals and Finding Time When It Doesn’t Exist
  • Tweets, Blogs, and Book Signings: Make Marketing Work for You
  • How to Package Your Book to Sell At First Sight
  • Traditional, Indie, and Hybrid Publishing: What Are They and Which is Right for You?

“I came away having received a comprehensive sweep of the publishing universe, a sweep that was just the right depth for the time allowed. Janeen Ippolito has a lot of positive energy. There was a very real sense that success in this field is possible. It takes guts, grit, and insanity, but what are writers if not gutsy, gritty, and nuts? I would recommend Janeen to writing, publishing, and editing classes, and writing conferences.”
– Dan Williams, Geneva College Professor

“Janeen helped me better understand what kind of writer I am. She was clear, organized, and presented with enthusiasm.”
– Michelle Huey, Author and Speaker

“Janeen taught clearly about the order of writing, including all the necessities involved. I appreciated that she used real-life examples of her own successes and failures.”
– Barb Richards, Aspiring Author

I can also turn any blog post I've written into a workshop. Use the form below to start a conversation with me!

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