Fellow Authors are Friends, Not Food/Enemies: A Healthy Perspective on Author Networking (Realm Makers blog)

Author networking is a great way to build and grow your platform for mutual benefit. You win, because you get community and connections (and yes, even friends). Other authors win, because they get the same deal you do! Your readers win, because they get even more books to read! Here are five ways to NAIL author networking!

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Author Marketing: Yes, Your Passion Does Matter!

Are you writing from your passion? Or are you hoping that hitting trends and the latest marketing tactics will be enough? I did. I'm an infojunkie who likes to self-educate whenever possible. I was ready to crack the system and crank out the stories. Then I fell flat on my face.You don't have to choose between your writing passions and the writing market. What's inside you is critical to connecting to your readership and tribe.

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Revise It! The Golden Principle of Supporting Characters

Supporting characters are as vital as their name implies: they support your main characters and plot arcs so that everything runs smoothly (or horribly, as the case may be--disasters make good fiction). Done right, supporting characters make your protagonist look good (or bad, as the case may be) and offer a much-needed alternate perspective. This golden principle will make sure all of your supporting characters are being used effectively!

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