7 People You Meet During NaNoWriMo


Greetings! To all of you in the thick of NaNoWriMo, here’s a little field report from what I’ve observed over the years I’ve either participated or observed this phenomenal, month-long event. I give you:

7 People You Meet During NaNoWriMo

1.) Word-Sprint Wizards – these dynamos are masterful at putting pedal to the metal in 30 minutes or less! When everyone else has 250 words after the 15 minutes is up, they have 500+! Bravo, wizards! You inspire the rest of us to keep going.

2.) Language Lyricist – they may not be the fastest writers, but when they post up snippets from their work-in-progress, the rest of us are in awe at the syntactical beauty. Lovely job! Reading your excerpts gives us beauty to appreciate, and encouragement to clean up our words after November.

3.) Awesome (Over)Achievers – it’s the end of week one and they’re at 40,000 words. These super-speedy writers leave our head spinning with their work ethic. Whether they’re trying to get out content really fast to have Thanksgiving Day free, or just doing a NaNoWriMo ultra-marathon, I say congratulations! Keep the finish line warm for the rest of us.


4.) Racing Rebels – whether writing fan-fiction, flash fiction, or any combination of non-traditional content, these writers are proud to follow their unique dreams to 50,000 words. High five, trail blazers! Write on.

5.) Manic Multitaskers – they work two full-time jobs, or have three kids, or are overseas serving on the mission field or military, or pulling double shifts as a nurse. Or any combination! These word masters are balancing a crazy amount of tasks and getting the job done (coffee must often be involved). Great hustle! We admire you for your dedication.

6.) Epic Editors – even though NaNoWriMo features their own editing month, you’ve chosen to make this one your time to shine and polish those words. Good for you! The rest of us will be in your shoes soon enough. Thanks for your word-smithing spirit!

7.) Chipper Cheerleaders – you’re not participating, but you have a friend/cousin/uncle/brother’s/former room-mate or some other sort of awesome relation participating, and you’re cheering them on! Thanks so much for the support. Writing is often a lonely gig, and we appreciate every bit of encouragement and enthusiasm you throw our way!

Can you think of any others? Please share!

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  1. Haha these are so true! There are also the Slugging-along Strugglers who are just making it by behind and the Average Annes who are just doing it to the minimums. XD Happy NaNo! And great job with your 17K!


    1. Hey, it takes all kinds! And I figure even the “average” people are doing what they can, so bravo! Thanks for sharing. đŸ™‚

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