Weird Writing Prompts Cover Reveal!

Have fun. Write well. Sell more books! 

Having fun is vital to good writing, good marketing, and good sales.

In 2018, I was just settling into my full-time author and author services business.

I was also nearing the release of my first full-length, solo novel.

And I was in the second year of running a small publishing house, with all the hiring, procedure-creation, cover design mix-ups, and other assorted growing pains that entailed.

I needed a break one Friday. I also had to get some work done, including a social media engagement post.

So I went with my gut and started a weekly writing prompt game called One Random Question. The first one was “what would your character do if a bird pooped on them?” from a blog post I had created with awkward questions.

The question was weird. Off-the-wall. Any answers were welcome.

And darned if authors didn’t love it—and I did too!

Which is how this book came to be.

After 3+ years of One Random Question, I decided it was time to go even bigger and better with exclusive expansions, application ideas, and tips for how you can use each question to elevate your story and your marketing! 

I’m offering a one-week 99 cent preorder special on the ebook! Grab your copy now.

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About the Book

Get more out of your writing prompts!

Weird Writing Prompts is a short book loaded with questions to jumpstart your creativity, dive deeper into your characters, and rev up your book marketing.

Oh yeah, and some questions are weird. Like “trap your characters in an elevator with an emu” weird. Because everyone needs a little weirdness to refresh their writing lives!

Grab this book to:

Get Deep & Random – Expanded prompts with ideas to make your characters epic, plus absurd situations to unlock your creativity with play
-Get Sharing & Marketing – Author-centric questions to fuel your marketing brain and help with social media content creation

It’s time to refresh your brain, supercharge your story, and have fun with your marketing!

About the Author

Janeen Ippolito believes you should own your unique words. She’s a multi-published author of bestselling fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. She’s also an experienced editor, marketing strategist, and businesswoman, plus the CEO of Uncommon Universes Press. When not writing, she explores random hobbies or posts cute animal memes. Connect at

Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram (@janeen_ippolito and @ownyouruniquewords), her reader group, her email newsletter, and her website. 

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