Changing The World With Unique Words

Unique Words Matter.

Whether fiction or nonfiction, unique words stand out. Get noticed. Change the world.

For years, I was afraid of my own, distinct voice. But time and again, owning my unique words and speaking out boldly was how I experienced true success as a teacher, author, publisher, and entrepreneur.

Now I’m determined to fill the world with as many unique, empowering words as possible.

But even though I’m a multi-published author of fantasy and nonfiction, I can’t do this alone. So I co-founded Uncommon Universes Press, co-founded the podcast Indie Book Magic, and dove head into working with authors like you! I’m passionate about getting your unique stories and books written, polished, published and read. In a crowded marketplace, it’s time to stand out.  

Whether you’re a reader, an author, a publishing industry professional, or all of the above, I’m thrilled you stopped by! Please get in touch and share your story.

Let’s change the world together, one unique word at a time. 

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