Changing The World With Your Unique Words

Unique Words Matter.

Whether fiction or nonfiction, they stand out. Get noticed. Change the world.

For years, I was afraid of my own, distinctive voice. I tried so hard to fit in—but also trying to connect with others. But time and again, owning the words in my heart and speaking out boldly was how I experienced true success as a teacher, author, publisher, and entrepreneur.

Now I’m passionate about filling the world with as many unique, empowering words as possible.

But even though I’m a multi-published author of fantasy and nonfiction, I can’t do this alone. That’s where you come in! I’m passionate about working with your unique words and writing style to get your books written, polished, published and read in the ever-changing publishing industry.

I also co-founded science fiction and fantasy publishing company, Uncommon Universes Press, and co-founded one of the internet’s quirkiest, chillest podcasts for indie authors, Indie Book Magic.

Yes, I do sleep. And even remember to eat—even when it’s a dried tarantula or crab ice cream!

Whether you’re a reader, an author, a publishing industry professional, or all of the above, I’m thrilled you stopped by! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your story.

Let’s change the world together, one unique word at a time. 

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